Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse

Sonic Youth in Simpsons

The Band

Sonic Youth its a 1981’s rock band of New York. They have an style that mixes alternative rock, noise rock, avant grade, post punk… Icon of american alternative music and culture, they have an peculiar and criative stile, mixing punk rock, hardcore, noise and underground with melody and improvisations.

The album

Sonic Nurse

Sonic Nurse is Sonic Youth’s 15th album. With Jim O’Rourke continuing his role as the ‘fifth sonic’, the album feels like the logical continuation of the ground established with “Murray Street”, but through the revisitation of “vintage” sonic tunings, mixes the complexity of the quintet dynamic with a familiar overtone (just over half of the album is written in the modified ‘Pavement tuning’ that premiered on ‘Murray Street’, while the other half features tunings such as GGDDD#D#, which date back to “Kill Yr Idols”, and the classic “Expressway” tuning EG#EG#EG#). Unlike the previous two albums, “Nurse” clocks in over an hour, with ten tracks, most featuring extended instrumental extrapolations. The band continues to provide exclusive online ‘enhanced’ CD content, this time including a video for album closer ‘Peace Attack’ and a rare insight into their songwriting process as the band composes ‘Paper Cup Exit’.

Click here to download the album


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