History and historicism by Karl Löwith

Originally published in 1941 in the German under the title, Von Hegel bis Nietzsche, this is a reissue of the 1964 translation of Löwith’s greatest work. Regrettably, what the publisher forgot to include in this reprint is the author’s dedication of his book to the memory of Edmund Husserl. For whatever the reason, the dedication is not included in the 1964 issue either. That’s regrettable, not least because it serves as a reminder to the reader that with the Nazification of Germany, both Löwith (1897-1973) and Husserl (1859-1938) had been excluded, for reasons of race, from any meaningful participation in German affairs. Such was the political landscape in which this book was written, and for which it was, in part, written to explain.

Link: http://www.ualberta.ca/~di/csh/csh09/Loewith.html


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